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Ye Must Be Born Again

    That heavenly Teacher, in words that are plain,
    This truth declared to men,
    If ever they would to His kingdom attain,
    They must be born again.

    Ye must be born again,
    Ye must be born again;
    His words are true, He speaks to you,
    Ye must be born again.

    No mere reformation your sins can erase,
    You cannot remove their stain;
    If ever in heaven your soul has a place,
    Ye must be born again.

    Good works will not answer, no penance will do,
    Morality, too, is vain,
    For naught will avail but a creature made new,
    Ye must be born again.

    In Adam we lost all our righteous estate,
    And would we it regain,
    To Jesus must come and repent ere too late—
    Ye must be born again.

    Charles W. Naylor, Andrew L. Byers, 1907