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Reigning in This Life

    Do you triumph, O my brother,
    Over all this world of sin?
    In each storm of tribulation,
    Does your Jesus reign within?

    I am reigning, sweetly reigning,
    Far above this world of strife;
    In my blessed, loving Savior,
    I am reigning in this life.

    One we hail as King immortal,
    He did earth and hell subdue;
    And bequeathing us His glory,
    We are kings anointed, too.

    Shall we then by sin be humbled?
    Must we yield to any foe?
    No, by heaven’s gift we’re reigning
    Over all this world below.

    Oh, what grace and high promotion,
    That in Jesus I should be
    Raised from sin to royal honor,
    Even reigning, Lord, with Thee.

    All this life is blissful sunshine,
    Earth is subject at our feet;
    Heaven pours its richest blessings
    Round our throne of love complete.

    Then we’ll sing and shout the story,
    Of the wondrous blood divine;
    Full salvation, glory, glory!
    I am reigning all the time.

    Joseph C. Fisher, Barney E. Warren 1885