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I Am a Child of the King

    Oh, how sublime is the life of the Christian,
    Filled with the glory of Jesus divine;
    Deep in his bosom he’s joyfully conscious
    That he is born of a heavenly line.

    I am a child, a child of the King,
    I am a child, a child of the King;
    I am a prince in the kingdom of love,
    I am a child of the King.

    Once I was lost and a child of confusion,
    Over the mountains of folly I roamed;
    But at the cross I have entered the kingdom,
    Glory to Jesus! His love is enthroned.

    God is my Father, and Jesus my Brother,
    Since I’m adopted by heavenly love;
    I am an heir in the kingdom of glory,
    And have a crown that is waiting above.

    Daniel S. Warner, Barney E. Warren 1893