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Ask and You Shall Receive

    See the great promises, brother,
    Are they so hard to believe?
    How can you doubt the dear Savior?
    Why don’t you ask and receive?

    Ask, my brother and sister,
    For all you need believe;
    Ask the bountiful Giver;
    Ask and you shall receive.

    Jesus has suffered so meekly,
    Sorrowing hearts to relieve;
    Trust Him with all of your burdens,
    Comfort and strength receive.

    If there’s a want in your bosom,
    Father will fill it, believe;
    Do you need knowledge and wisdom?
    Ask and you shall receive.

    Open the kingdom of heaven,
    Jesus all bounty will give;
    Here is the pledge of His promise,
    Ask and you shall receive.

    Barney E. Warren 1893, J. H. Olinger 1893